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 Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA


The Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization with no political affiliation. It was registered in 2000 within the framework of the Law for Citizens Associations in the Republic of Macedonia and its main activities are in the field of education and Culture.

LOJA's educational activities take place on both the formal/institutional level and the non-formal/grassroots level. On the institutional level, we aim to extend cooperative ties between all institutions in the educational system in order to support peaceful coexistence and prevent violence in schools.

Our recent work has been focused on establishing extracurricular activities in all pedagogical faculties countrywide and transferring the knowledge to schools in Macedonia through future teachers.

The main objective of these activities is to equip future teachers with the skills and competencies needed to implement intercultural activities in schools. LOJA's cultural activities are dedicated to the improvement of cultural and social life and interethnic relationships in Macedonia and the Balkan region. With its innovative programs and field activities, LOJA is establishing the necessary preconditions for cultural production and animation involving creative individuals and groups, cultural organizations and institutions, as well as all the ethnic and social communities in the region. The cultural activities include, for example, festivals, film and video productions, cinemas, stage performances, exhibitions and capacity building for its staff and partners in the long term. LOJA has come a long way in recent years.

From a purely grassroots organization it has built itself into a hybrid organization that, on the one hand, maintains close links with its original grassroots and, on the other, vattempts to influence policy decisions.

From a relatively small organization based in Tetovo, it has now emerged as a leading player in the country and the region. Today, initiatives launched by LOJA in ethnically challenged environments go on to become orientation models for other organizations in the Republic of Macedonia and the wider Balkan region.

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This peace education project started in 2008 and is based on cooperation between the Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA, based in Tetovo, and the German organization K. Wustrow within the framework of the German Civil Peace Service. It aims at the establishment of a university curriculum on interethnic youth work as integral part of future teachers training in – mainly pedagogical – faculties of the 5 universities in Macedonia. The cooperation with universities is based on legal agreements (memorandum of understandings) with CBC LOJA.




USAID's Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP) is a four year project, that  builds broad public understanding of the benefits to all citizens that will arise from integrating Macedonia's education system. IIEP will also create the political, social and economic environment need for Macedonia to achieve sustained interethnic integration in schools, in other educational institutions and eventually all of society.


The project is formed by 4 components:

  •  Component 1: Community Outreach
  • Component 2: Capacity Building of School Management and Teachers
  •  Component 3: Demonstration Schools
  • Component 4: Providing Incentives to Schools and Communities



Tetovo Transformers!' is a 9 month project, taking place in Tetovo and Skopje region staring from May 25th, 2015 in which 20 young and ambitious people (multipliers – future transformers) from different backgrounds, interests and talents, learn how to transform into community leaders in their own neighborhood, by experimenting with creative activism .

Future transformers will be trained in different artistic and creative techniques, aiming to transform the space from Mine and Your space to our – common space. This should be achieved through implementation of Transformative Public Actions. Transformative Public Actions are artistic Intervention in public space based on identified and developed ideas by core group. Public actions will identify ideas that will touch and address the aspects and the essence of intolerant and violent society. Core group in full cooperation with project team, trainers and Mr. Skip Blumberg will do selection of actions to be supported. Future Transformers – multipliers are supposed to work on transfer of knowledge to other youngsters in the community. Project will have its web site, visuals documentation of public actions and public reaction and all this will be presented to the wider community. Experts in their fields will offer the trainings in artistic and creative techniques to future transformers. World-class American artist, curator and TV producer Mr. Skip Blumberg will have startup training for the group (2015, May 25th – 29th). Training will take place at LOJA’s premises - Tetovo

Participants profile

We are looking for participants who are:

  • 10 participants between 17 and 30 years
  • 10 participants between 14-16 (teenagers)
  • From Tetovo and Skopje region
  • Able to speak and understand a basic level of English
  • Communicative and curious about the experiences and creative and artistic techniques
  • Pro-active and ready to look for creative solutions for problems
  • In the possession of a specific talent (artistic discipline, creative ideas, etc) and willing to develop this talent in order to help their community
  • Ambitious, socially engaged and eager to make a change in their neighborhood, city and wider region
  • Aware of the problems of the neighborhood, community and willing to help them raise awareness for their problems
  • Courageous to breaker barriers and address taboo topics and artistic provocation

If you want to apply , click here to take the form and please send this form to:  or 

Deadline: Friday, May 22nd, 12.00h.