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CBC LOJA organized Regional Conference on Peace Education in University level

From 29th till 30th of April 2014, the Regional Conference on Peace Education in University level organized by Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA in cooperation with K.Wustrow, was held in Ohrid. This conference is part of the LOJA based German Civil Peace Service Project “Anchoring multiethnic youth work in the university curriculum for future teachers” that is implemented since 2008.


Co-organizers for the conference were Macedonian Civic Education Center that is implementing the USAID project “Interethnic Integration in Education” and ForumZFD, an implementing organization of the German Civil Peace Service.

The conference aimed at an exchange of experiences and methodologies in regard to peace education in the university level in the Balkan region and aimed at establishing a platform for further exchange and cooperation of different important stakeholders from the region. The participants also had the possibility to exchange experiences with Mrs. Jennifer Batton, who is as expert working on developing and enhancing peace and conflict studies programs for colleges and universities in the US, who is author of the book “Peacebuilding in Community Colleges, A Teaching Resource”. Furthermore the conference brought together important stakeholders from NGOs, universities and institutions in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Germany and France.

Expect presentations about the peace building and its status in their countries, in the conference was spoken and worked for the topics such as: benefits of society by including peace education into university level, working relation between universities, nongovernmental organizations and institutions, obstacles in implementing peace education and the importance of intheretnic integration in education. From LOJA side we hope that that this is first step of bringing together actors working in peace building in Balkan , will be opportunity to pave the way for future cooperation and common work in this field.