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CBC LOJA signs Memorandum of Understanding with State University of Tetovo (SUT)

On 19th February the Memorandum of Understanding between CBC Loja / KURVE Wustrow and State University of Tetovo was signed on the premises of SUT.This Memorandum forms the basis for the cooperation between SUT and the CPS project but most importantly also for the future continuation of the implementation of the course system in the university curricula after the direct cooperation with the project team. 

Preciously about the course that CBC Loja implements in SUT, in the frames of the subject “Multicultural education” , course which i part of the project Anchoring Multiethnic Youth Work in the University Curriculum.Therefore the foundation is officially laid that after the next course this year the university will independently continue with the course system – meaning that the project team hands the system over to the university. The following cooperation with the project team will be of advisory character and mainly for monitoring. The Memorandum was signed by the Executive Directors of KURVE Wustrow, AnjaPetz (represented by KOR Helga Saathoff), and CBC LOJA, Bujar Luma, by the German Ambassador Gudrun Steinacker and by Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, Rector of SUT. In the ceremony important stakeholders took part, such as representatives of Goethe Institute, the other partner universities to the CPS project, regional and national media, the French-German Youth Office, representatives of the American embassy USAID for interethnic integration in education project and People et Culture.